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xHarbour versions

xHarbour version 0.99.50

xHarbour version 0.99.60

Note! Make a backup of your current xHarbour installation before you upgrade to version 0.99.70, just in case!

xHarbour version 0.99.70 UPDATED 2008.04.25

Added some of the HMGExtended librarys to xHarbour/lib directory until it's resolved where they are supposed to be.

xHarbour version 1.1.0 Beta Win32 for Borland Updated 2008.04.25

NOTE! The package also contains the contributed libs. Unzip to [drive]:\xharbour

C - Compiler & Linker

Borland Free Commandline Tools (8.9 Mb)

The cfg files belowe need to be copied into the c:\borland\bcc55 directory to get the compile with Borland and xHarbour working. NOTE the files are text files and can be edited with for instance Notepad, they need to be edited if your configuration isn't normal standard installation, because the paths are hardcoded into theese configuration files.

xHarbour/Borland cfg files Updated 2008.04.25