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Minigui Extended for xHarbour 0.99.50

MiniGui is a library that makes it easier to create all sorts of windows elements and controls.

There is two versions available, the orginal one by Roberto Lopez (ver. 1.07 this is the last version for Borland), and an extended version (1.1 build 109c). These versions will be the base installations, newer versions have to be installed over either one of these. Both versions can be downloaded from here.

Install only one of the above mentioned versions plus the fix to the compile batch, I've compiled both versions to be ready to use.

Version 1.07 (5.6 Mb)

Version 1.1.109c (6.5 Mb)

Compile batch fix

Belove Minigui 1.1 ver Exp14e package. This is installed over 1.1.109c. The library is precompiled and do NOT need the compilefix.
This is the last version for xHarbour 0.99.50

Version 1.1.Exp14e (2.4 Mb)

Orginal Version 1.1.Exp14e source (3.3 Mb)

Minigui Extended for xHarbour 1.1 Beta

NOTE! Don't mix the different HMG versions and xHarbour versions!!!
Use the package corresponding to your xHarbour version!!!

Lasse's distribution Version 1.6 Build 62 (15 Mb) (for xHb 1.1.beta) Updated 2009.01.22

ATTENTION!!! In directory DRIVE:\Minigui\BATCH is a file named xMySet.bat, this file is called from the other compile batch files, and is the file that you should edit if your installation directorys for Minigui, xHarbour and BCC differs from the standard installations!!!

The orginal distribution by The MiniGui Team can be found on www.hmgextended.com